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    As a writer and editor: I take complex concepts, whether in the realm of medicine, law, nutrition, real estate, technology, finance, or education, and develop clean, clear, and concise content that is easily understood and appreciated by its intended audience. I've written a few books of my own, too.


    As a thinker and leader: I absolutely believe in the genius of the people I serve, and I help them tap into it, use it, and reach well beyond their previously perceived potential.


    My coaching is a natural extension of my varied experiences - I've helped many people learn how to find within themselves the power to attain better physical, mental, and emotional health.


    I'm super comfortable with ambiguity and calculated risks, having started several businesses and ventures of my own, and taking the helm to implement projects as diverse as the creation of a school of the arts and, currently, the development of an online startup geared toward helping people celebrate life while planning for death.


    I love to meet people over coffee, smoothies, or even sophisticated adult beverages to see where we might find ideal opportunities for working together.

  • "You Can keep My Things,

    They've Come to Take Me home."

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    Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

    President, Founder, and Developer, creating a culture of wellness one school at a time

    Owner and Author, specializing in supporting Real Estate and Wellness professionals

    Socially Conscious E-Commerce

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