Living on the Edge of Crabtree Creek

Sue Kemple

Advisor / Writer / Serial & Social Entrepreneur

If you care to know: I am the proud parent of two fine men, Matt and James, and am living my best life with my beloved Maria and our dog Buddy (and sometimes our cat Lyra, when she's inclined to participate) just inside the Beltline in Raleigh, NC. Love working for my wild-ride startup and look forward to the gratifying give-back work on the other side. I am spiritually striving however imperfectly toward tapping into cosmic oneness while still in this twoness world. I'm a big fan of One Wake, Braver Angels, Living Room Conversations, Project Democracy, Rene Girard, Cynthia Bourgeault, and, often to my chagrin, the New York Football Giants. The menu has links to my current work.

Can I Help You?

There is a lot on my plate these days. Still happy to help aspiring start-ups and entrepreneurs. I am open to giving my time to non-profit or faith-based organizations, especially if they entail work in education, music, grief, or the protection and preservation of democracy.

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Want to chat?

Click on the image to left to set up a time to call. Yes, it costs a few dollars to connect, but that's because I don't have time to spend with the unserious (on a business call, anyway). My time is limited and valuable - just like yours, which is one of the things I will drive home if we work together!

What's Up With This Site's Title?

Raleigh is a growing capital city, and all around it is a lovely greenway for walkers and cyclists. We are so fortunate to live just outside the city and in the midst of so much beauty, with a walkable trail right outside the back door... on the edge of Crabtree Creek. Stepping out into the backyard grounds me in God's ineffable love, and the view serves as my muse when I write - or think about writing.

If you don't also live here, come visit!

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