History and Future

I was hired as the startup CEO for My Last Soundtrack in 2015 and held this position through 2018. The founders have rebranded and taken the company in a new direction, and they graciously afforded me to opportunity to take the original branding and concept to do non-profit work. While I've not recently had much of an opportunity to work through what that might look like, I plan to in the next few years. In the meantime, here are some podcasts and talks I gave in my time with the original MLS - click on the photos to listen!

RTP 180: Death
Sue Kemple

Sue Kemple, the Startup CEO and Board Member of My Last Soundtrack, stresses the importance of music and how it connects us to loved ones that have passed. She addresses the RTP 180 Event at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Aftering: What's Your Funeral Song?

Guest Sue Kemple is CEO of My Last Soundtrack, an American startup helping people create a lasting memorial online that can begin with a favourite music playlist. She shares her personal story and how My Last Soundtrack began.

Healing Ties: My Last Soundtrack

Music is often the softer gateway to helping people have conversations about End of Life issues. My Last Soundtrack has created has a legacy tool that brings memories to life. Learn how Sue and her staff are creating Healing Ties all around us!

Death Goes Digital

What is the soundtrack to your life? Today we speak with Sue Kemple, the CEO of My Last Soundtrack. Using this new life story curation website, you can now list and share the song and memories that make your life memorable.

The Heart of Hospice

My Last Soundtrack is committed to the idea of living well, dying better, and being remembered the right way. Simple.  And the MLS website is a sophisticated tool that provides for the complex needs that surround our end of life journeys. 

The Upside to Aging

Having already written a book on her own experience with grief and intrigued by the idea of applying digital solutions for individuals to cope with death and grieving, Sue saw an opportunity to expand the scope of MLS to individuals on Hospice.